Odie's Sponsorship Page

Odie was born 3/4/2014 and he is either an American Shorthair or British Shorthair mix.  He has very large round eyes and his face is a little bit flattened like a persian.

This boy was brought into the clinic as a newborn to be euthanized because he was so sick and needed bottlefeeding.

This very sickly and precious baby mostly lived the first month of his life in a nebulizer.  He had a severe upper respiratory infection which left him with chronic sinusitus.

Because of his condition, he is very susceptible to inhalant allergens and is on monthly desensitizing allergy shots like some humans.  Odie will most likely have to receive them for the rest of his life.

Odie must be carefully monitored on a daily basis so he does not develop an infection in his sinuses due to his chronic condition.

Even with all the odds against him, he is the most friendly, sweet, and loving boy you will ever meet!  He never meets a stranger and greets everyone who comes in, he is friendly with all the other animals, whether they are dogs, cats, or anything else.

Odie loves to rub noses with people and loves to play like a kitten every day.  You would never know that he has anything wrong with him by the way he acts.  However, to see and hear him have difficulty breathing when the allergens are high, is very heartbreaking.

Odie is the best boy ever!  We are trying to make his life the best we can.  You can help by helping us financially afford his "daily" medications and his monthly allergy shots.

Odie's Sponsorship Options

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