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Ellie Mae

Ellie was born 3/6/2014.  She is a beautiful white kitty with gorgeous amber-colored eyes. 

She is special needs and has "FHS" or Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome.  Her disorder requires a very low home stress environment, and she is totally attached and bonded to her brother (Eli) and we will not separate the two as this would cause her additional anxiety.

Ellie is extremely curious, playful, and extremely smart!  It is her way only!.  Unfortunately, you must have a lot of patience with her as she can be very destructive.  You cannot correct her, you can only try and convince her that whatever she is doing is not a good idea.  If you try and correct her, you will only make her skittish and leary of you which is totally unproductive.

Ellie insists on sleeping with you every single night.  Ellie and her brother Eli are extremely sweet and love the other kitties.  Both are very COMICAL!!!  If you are truly a "cat person" you will thoroughly enjoy these two!

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