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Halo was born 12/5/2011.  She is a beautiful Tortoiseshell with Amber eyes.

Halo was found giving birth in the rain on top of a wooden crate.  A wonderful man rescued her and the 5 babies bringing them inside, giving them blankets, food and water.  He then called animal control only to be horrified when they told him "yes, bring them in, we can euthanize them."  He replied with "Oh yes, let's do that.  The babies are only 4 hours old."

Halo who was a dumped pregnant cat has only 4 babies left as one died shortly after birth.  She has been an absolutely wonderful mother, but sadly mothers rarely get adopted as everyone wants a kitten.

Halo is not a lap cat but if she had a home where there was a lot of love and patience, I am sure she would eventually let you touch her.  Halo is not aggressive.  She is just scared because people in her past haven't been exactly very nice to her.

Please help us find a great home for Halo.  She has truly been an Angel with all that she has had to endure so early in life!  Halo plays well with other kitties but would be a PERFECT "only cat".

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